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We research into market opportunities, and sometimes, marketing challenges, that others miss. Our market research yields solid, factual, defensible information that is directly relevant to your specific needs, not the needs of the “average” company in your industry. We combine quantitative market research (statistical analysis, graphs, charts) and qualitative market research (interviews, articles, opinions) to give you a balanced and accurate picture.

Here are a few examples of the kinds of market research we do:

  • Survey design and execution (invite respondents, collect
    results, analyze, report)
  • Phone or in-person interviews of customers, employees,
    executives, business owners, industry experts, etc.
  • Focus groups, roundtables, and executive forums
  • Market opportunity assessments (evaluate the potential for your ideas, products, services, or processes)
  • Competitor analysis / competitive intelligence studies
  • “Blue sky” (brainstorming) sessions on product/application/market possibilities
Why Market Research is Important for a Business

Accurate market research is the foundation for every business or marketing plan.
Dominion Consulting can help you gain a much deeper understanding of:

  • Market opportunities
  • Existing customers
  • Prospects
  • Competitors
  • Employees
  • Industry trends
  • Environmental or regulatory risks

When you understand your markets and competition, your business will benefit from —

  • A more efficient, more effective sales process that reduces your
    cost of customer acquisition.
  • Greater profitability, as well-defined customer segments will mean sales are closed based on superior value, avoiding the need to
    compete on price.
  • Faster growth fueled by customers who become loyal evangelists for your enterprise.
  • Sustainable competitive advantage based on superior knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the markets you serve.
Market Research with Large-Scale Capabilities

Dominion Consulting is able to conduct large-scale surveys and interviews in most geographic areas of Nigeria and around West Africa. For example, if you need to survey ten thousand consumers in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt even the conflict zones in Nigeria, we can design the surveys, we have experienced field agents who are multilingual, then collect and analyze the results.

Why Hire Dominion Consulting?

We do not follow the usual canned industry reports, every analysis we do is customized for each unique client.

We Help You Focus

Effective marketing is all about targeting and focus. Better targeting means less waste, lower expenses, and higher profits. Some more examples of the kinds of market research we do for our clients:

Conduct a comprehensive market opportunity assessment – Assess your markets and current market positions (market size and share of market, channels, growth trends, threats, and opportunities)
Identify customer needs and determine which market segments hold the most, and least, attractive profit potential.
Find out what customers and prospects think about your new customer service procedures, your sign-up process, your newest product, your new tag-line, your invoicing process, etc.
Identify regulatory, political, and demographic trends that could create problems – and opportunities – for your business.
Develop a thorough understanding of competitors – Who leads and who follows in this space? How much market share does each player have? What are their strengths and weaknesses? How do they differentiate themselves? How does their pricing strategy compare with yours? How do they market their products and services? How does their brand equity compare to yours?
Identify opportunities to use your strengths and exploit competitor weaknesses.
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people are well catered for, trained and well-motivated. Our teams bring the perspective, understanding, and hands-on know-how to proffer the business solutions required. We operate on our core values; integrity, commitment, respect, excellence.

We Listen, understand, design, execute and follow up. We help empower individuals and businesses alike on a global basis, through the provision of optimally tailored solutions that are targeted to business excellence and follow up on the implementation of these solutions. We take joy in every success achieved side by side with our clients.

In a society which is rapidly changing, we are not alone in fundamentally transforming our operations to respond to climate change, inequality, health and wellbeing, lack of clean water and sanitation as well as technology opportunities facing society. Our team of experts combine innovative thinking and technology to progress further, faster. Our clients adapt to these changes and transform, and together we achieve enduring results.


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