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Dominion Consulting offers outstanding HR business solutions and strategic management support services through a well-designed organizational approach. We provide a spectrum of first-in-class and top-notch HR services to various industries in terms of recruitment, outsourcing, candidate profiling, full HR support for SMEs and large corporations.


At Dominion Consulting, we strive to deliver a bespoke recruitment service based on what your business needs in finding the perfect talent for important job roles.

With our extensive network combined with our wealth of experience, we find the most talented candidates, who are not just the perfect match, but who are engaged by your vacancy and eager to become a part of your brand. Our approach is to source, recruit and deploy on your behalf as a member of your HR team. In other words, our team of professionals and HR experts will handle your recruitment service tasks from start to finish, giving you the best possible result and engaging the best candidates for you.

Our flexible recruitment service is affordable and can save you money when compared with maintaining a permanent in-house recruiter/HR person.

Candidate Profiling

We pride ourselves with providing the complete recruitment solution and are continually looking for ways to offer additional services that we feel will benefit our clients. We are delighted, therefore, to be able to offer a bespoke recruitment profiling solution to our clients. Our recruitment package will give you insightful information about your candidate’s suitability for the role including their suitability for the working environment.

Our professionals will work with you to establish the skills needed for this role by providing you with a complete role specification profile showing the skills and traits of the ideal candidate.  This will also show the environment in which they will be most productive. Candidates will then be matched to the role and prior to the interview, you will receive a report for each candidate who has been selected for interview. This will highlight the key strengths of each candidate in relation to the role profile. This report will also indicate skills or working styles that the employer may want to explore further at interview.

Candidate profiling encourages objectivity in the recruitment process and highlights the natural strengths of the candidate in relation to the role.

HR support for SMEs

The primary objective of the first stage of every business is to develop and validate the product with very early adopters. The primary objective in the second stage however, is to validate the market’s acceptance of the product by going after additional early adopters and broadening the customer base.  The decisions management will begin thinking about runs the gamut from product extensions, to distribution, to manufacturing, to development, to target market expansion, to raising new capital to fund growth, etc.

Your employees’ talents and skills drive your business success. And in smaller businesses, the hiring decisions you make can have a much bigger impact on your overall business health.

At Dominion Consulting we provide you with the best-practice HR & Business consultation to help you make informed, compliant decisions. We provide a dedicated HR service within the context of meeting your income targets and strategic objectives.

Is your SME business looking for help in the areas of a proven HR setup? Consider working with HR Experts like Dominion Consulting Nigeria. Kindly send your brief.


Outsourcing your HR to Dominion Consulting offers you flexibility and undeniable support for your HR requirements, and will allow you focus on your business development and management, knowing that your HR requirements are being wholly managed by our team of professionals who provide reliable HR services.

We also provide practical, hands-on support, either on-site or remotely, while acting as an extension of your team and working with you to run your company’s HR.  We will provide legal, professional and commercial advice, and undertaking HR tasks on your behalf. We provide you with a wholesome/comprehensive outsourced HR administration and outsourced HR management.

Do you feel your business is at the stage where managing your HR has become burdensome such that you cannot handle it alone? Dominion Consulting is here to proffer solution to your problem and lift the HR burden off your shoulder. We’re just a call away from you.

Some of the HR outsourcing services we provide for you include:

HR policies and procedures
Handling of performance, absence and disciplinary issues
HR support and advice for managers
Termination / redundancy management.
HR correspondence
Employment verification
Payroll, holiday and leave administration.
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Dominion Consulting
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We understand the importance of delivering excellence in the workplace hence we ensure that our people are well catered for, trained and well-motivated. Our teams bring the perspective, understanding, and hands-on know-how to proffer the business solutions required. We operate on our core values; integrity, commitment, respect, excellence.

We Listen, understand, design, execute and follow up. We help empower individuals and businesses alike on a global basis, through the provision of optimally tailored solutions that are targeted to business excellence and follow up on the implementation of these solutions. We take joy in every success achieved side by side with our clients.

In a society which is rapidly changing, we are not alone in fundamentally transforming our operations to respond to climate change, inequality, health and wellbeing, lack of clean water and sanitation as well as technology opportunities facing society. Our team of experts combine innovative thinking and technology to progress further, faster. Our clients adapt to these changes and transform, and together we achieve enduring results.


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