Making your job more productive

Dominion Consulting

To get the right result, management needs to be strategic. Some of the keys to strategic and effective management are:

  • Set an achievable goal: Ensure that your team goals are achievable and that everyone on your team knows what they are striving for on a daily basis
  • Establish a team mission: Create a long-term goal for the team that you’re trying to reach. Your team should have a regimented day to day goals (short- and medium-term goals).
  • Engage/hire the right people: Getting the right people on your team can be difficult, but it is critical to your organization’s productivity. Engage people with the right skills and vision.
  • Delegate tasks: Assign duties to each member of the team according to their skills set.
  • Maintain Open communication: The importance of communication in every organization cannot be overemphasized. However, keeping communication channels open is vital in managing a team.